Friday, 8 April 2011

NOKIA 1200 sim ic jumper

NOKIA 1200
sim ic jumper Solution,


efath ara chowdhury said...

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adson stone said...

Hey I my friends I tell you something can you give me answer. A reduction in capacity caused by repeated charging before the battery has been discharged completely is referred to as memory effect, this is quite common, phone users do it often times without knowing the effect it has on their battery. Most batteries suffer memory effect; the NiCad batteries suffer memory effect. If the battery is recharged before it is completely discharged, it will only charge to the level of which the battery was last discharged due to accumulation of gas bubbles on the cell plates. if a battery is discharged to 25% and then recharged, the battery will only charge 25% of its capacity and thus shrinking the battery’s power capability. the best way to eliminate memory effect and remove the accumulated gas bubbles on the cell plates is to condition it i.e. draining the battery until your phone shuts off, then recharging fully for about two to four times.
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